Cable Porn (VSFW)

This is one of the finer examples of what is known in some circles of the internet as Cable Porn.

One Very Fine Example

One Very Fine Example

This artistry that some sysadmins take the trouble to create has a practical purpose.  All those delightful colors are probably a way of classifying the cables at a high level.  For example, cables to different floors or parts of the building, or different parts of the data center, might be all of a certain color for each.  And of course, such an immensely orderly arrangement of cabling like this is a heck of a lot easier to troubleshoot, maintain or extend than something like:


– Hey, Joe! Can you check the VOIP connection for room 27-019? They’re having dropouts.
– F*** you! I quit!

The first image is from /r/cableporn/, and the second from /r/cablegore/.  Is it true that for every subreddit, there is an equal and opposite subreddit?


Author: David Frier