Ads Just Keep Getting Worse

"Relevant" is the ad industry's current excuse for all the spying, tracking and intruding on our lives that they are currently tormenting us with.

Good NYTimes article through here - click!

They "need" to suck down every aspect of our personal lives and habits and idle thoughts... so they can show us better sneaker ads. Sneaker ads that creepily show up the minute we register to run in a 5K. Or walk past a Foot Locker.

This is why I block all ads, everywhere on the Internet. I was reading the descriptions of what it's like for people experiencing this kind of ad stalking and I have to admit: I can't relate. I experience exactly none of it. And I'm glad.

When media websites grouse at me for running an ad-blocker, I mentally respond, well, make the ad experience less hideous. Make it less of a personal violation. Wipe out the malware. But these things, they will not do. Instead, they scold and threaten. So if a site still won't allow me to proceed without white-listing it in my ad blocker, fine. I move on with life.

And oh yeah... if you think it's not getting worse... the New York Times article linked above mentions ad-blocking as a possible course of action. Not too long ago, that was a glaring omission.

And the creepiest of all, the mother lode of creepy, is Facebook. #DeleteFacebook!

Anyway. Get uBlockOrigin for all your PC browsers. Brave for mobile, and add Better Blocker for iOS. The mobile solutions aren't as comprehensive as the PC, but they are the best I've found so far.

This article was updated on 2023-08-05 04:24:48


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