My Old Chromebook

I am about to get a nice new Chromebook. It will replace my old warhorse of an Acer.


So my First World Problem of the day is, some of these stickers are quite difficult to replace.  Especially the Ingress one in the center.

I know, I know.


Author: David Frier


2 thoughts on “My Old Chromebook”

  1. We went through the same thing when we replaced our laptops. I decided they are temporal, you put what gou do on when you do it. All else is folly.

    1. David Frier says:

      As of today, I have managed to source my two favorites, the Cloud and the Ingress metallic. I also have spares of EFF and lmgtfy.

      But it will be a new layout (on a new aspect ratio).

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