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Ads Just Keep Getting Worse

“Relevant” is the ad industry’s current excuse for all the spying, tracking and intruding on our lives that they are currently tormenting us with. They “need” to suck down every aspect of our personal lives and habits and idle thoughts… so they can show us better sneaker ads. Sneaker ads that creepily show up the minute we register to run in a 5K. Or walk past a Foot Locker. This is why I block all ads, everywhere on the Internet. … Continue reading “Ads Just Keep Getting Worse”

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Ah yes, breaches.  Not really a much better movie, I’m afraid, yet we keep seeing it over and over.  Big splashy headlines touting eye-popping numbers, followed by unsolicited offers of credit monitoring from companies who are really, really hoping their arbitration clauses hold up. They do seem to arrive in clusters, also.  The latest one-two punch is Marriott, then Quora.  Marriott managed to get hacked and then not detect it for four years, finally now disclosing that half a billion-with-a-B guest … Continue reading “Breaches”