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Microsoft buys LinkedIn

$26B – about a 50% premium to LinkedIn’s market value.  Talk about a pre-emptive bid!  LinkedIn is basically the Facebook of the business world.   And now it will be the property of the default provider of mediocre software to the business world.  What could possibly go wrong? I enjoyed this blog entry at PostLight about nine things MS could do with LinkedIn.  LinkedIn integrated with MineCraft?  Yes, please.  Two widely popular platforms for me not to be on!  Remember, I … Continue reading “Microsoft buys LinkedIn”

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NAS or…?

Technology dilemma of the day: how to increase network storage for 500+ incoming DVD images.  NAS?  Or just more disk on the existing server?  Or a new server? External enclosures for up to 4 drives are pretty inexpensive.  I can attach one to my home Ubuntu server via an eSATA port.  But I think I will end up having to do software RAID for that.  Most of the enclosures I have seen do not get high marks from reviewers for … Continue reading “NAS or…?”

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How to Fix your Privacy Settings

Today I was confronted with yet another headline like this: PSA: YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK PRIVACY SETTINGS AGAIN TO OPT OUT OF NEW TARGETED ADS and I just shook my head.  Not because I am on Facebook; I am not and I hope never to be again.  But I know that some of you still are.  I wonder if you actually enjoy the six-times-a-year trips into the maze of “privacy” settings, only to discover that they have all … Continue reading “How to Fix your Privacy Settings”

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Holder on Snowden

So it seems former Attorney General Eric Holder let slip a truth about Ed Snowden. We can certainly argue about the way in which Snowden did what he did, but I think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made … Now, I would say that doing what he did – and the way he did it – was inappropriate and illegal. [emphasis added] “Illegal” is pretty … Continue reading “Holder on Snowden”