Told Ya

Maybe this is churlish, but I told ya. And told ya, and told ya.  I struggle to empathize with this person. Not because she’s suffered a massive loss… who hasn’t?  Not because she’s now got to rely on the kindness of strangers… who hasn’t?

But I cannot wrap my head around this mindset about a computer, that allows one to make it such a powerful horcrux of oneself and still not take the very sensible approach Tom Riddle took of making several, redundant copies.

I think that some people, as they notice their computer becoming more and more central to holding the essence of who they are and what they do, imbue it with a magical inviolability.  Surely something so powerful can never fail or go astray, they seem to think.

With decent backups, the potentially life-altering injury illustrated in this tweet would instead be a day or two of delays and annoyance while the restores were running.

So yes, it may be churlish to see Lisa’s deep distress as an object lesson for others.  If it is, then call me a churl.  But do your goddam backups!  I’ll take that trade.


Author: David Frier


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